New Lightweight High Strength Composite Technologies

Whether you are architecturally designing a bridge, convention center, skyscraper, resort or any kind of structure for use anywhere from beneath the sea (U.S. Navy) to outer space (NASA) you may consider investigating a new patented building material that adds unique characteristics to all other existing building material.

Steel metal buildings lightweight high strength alternative stronger than steelSing Core may be the most diverse composite material enhancing high precision and performance to other materials resulting in a lighter weight end product based on this structural insulated substrate that is stronger than steel pound for pound.

Based on true green technology the material is made in the USA with less waste and energy than any other honeycomb panel or sandwich panel by responsibly using a combination of natural wood fibers to build a torsion box grid interior and recycled rigid foam composite interior.

Sandwiched between two stress skins to complete the torsion box panel structure, this substrate material posses a staggering degree of high strength (independently tested at 660+ PSI) that can span long distances with little or no deflection under load due to the internal structural integrity.

An extremely diversified material enhancement this patented substrate material is continuously appearing in many different forms and functions. In its natural state, this high precision (+/- .006 tolerances) material outperforms any other lightweight honeycomb panel or sandwich panel of any type or style.

Versatility expands exponentially as this material is combined with other pre-existing building materials. Some of the expressions of this material have been realized as insulated substrate under/inside concrete foundations and floors (in warehouses and large refrigerated facilities), insulated non-warping large wood doors, sliding doors and pivot doors, insulated roofs, ceilings, walls and floors that could be combined with any flat building material.

Integration with other building systems makes the possibilities nearly endless; as it turns up inside cladding and facades covered in nearly anything, including cold rolled steel, hot-rolled steel and stainless steel.

Nearly anything from temporary structure (of any size) can be made lightweight, insulated and extremely strong modular where the components can be easily connected, reconfigured, broken down, flat packed, transported and stored.

T slot advanced technology t slot panelsImagineering with Sing Core has led to whole new building technologies leading to the development of re-imagining posts and beams and integration with T slot, channel systems, metal struts and other metal framing systems.

If you are considering bringing a completely new design to life, architects are encouraged to contact us to help see if Sing Core is right for taking your current project to the next level. In most cases, if you’ve ever considered that a building material could be lighter in weight or high strength, we may have the answer.