Contemporary Architecture Design Seattle Center for Architecture Design

The leading edge of architecture design seeks out sustainable Eco-friendly alternatives in building materials that are lightweight, high strength and high precision.

A task such as this would be a challenge for any architect, designer or project manager. This is the kind of problem facing the Seattle Center for Architecture & Design in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle and the Pacific Northwest are renowned for setting the standard for earth-friendly designs that respect the natural environment while preserving and maintaining the natural surroundings of this pristine evergreen state of Washington.

Many discoveries and technologies have been birthed out of this earth conscious region. One such Eco-friendly solution to come out of the Seattle-area is Sing Core. Patented Sing Core was used almost exclusively throughout the Seattle Center for Architecture and Design. The project called for maple wood surfaces covering long spans while the designers and engineers wanted instrument grade precision non warping surfaces.

At this time, only inventor Peter Sing’s core could achieve the results sought out by project managers and the creative team of this contemporary architecture design.

Using the creator’s architectural drawings the Sing team set out to match up all the requirements and specifications to their material. Originally sourced just for the challenged facing the team for their four large extreme edge pivot doors (large composite fire rated doors requiring non warp, light weight and sound deadening qualities) the team embraced the lightweight high-strength insulated composite torsion box structural approach to the entire project.

The initial building design consisted of 4,500 square feet attractive location in the heart of downtown Seattle that would provide high precision work spaces for local architects as well as a lounge area and gallery that could be converted into a soundproof conference room in minutes.

No heavy equipment lifts or cranes needed to install lighweight high strength sing core in contemporary architecture design seattle

This approach to contemporary architecture and design made Sing’s solutions the perfect match for the Seattle Center for Architecture.

Sing’s solution was to provide the facility with modular panels that could be easily assembled on-site with a relative command of wood working skills while resulting in the non warping high degree of accuracy sought out by the design team.

The result was more than spectacular as the pieces were easily assembled, leveled and delivered the results that were not possible with any other known building material.
When in Seattle, please stop by the Seattle Center for Architecture & Design at 1010 Western Avenue in Seattle, Washington.