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From the intensity of the city to contemporary urban green sustainability

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Contemporary Architecture Design

Environmentally friendly true green alternatives for upscale architecture and design

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Contemporary Architecture Design

Ultra light weight strong panels

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About Us

The primary focus of Contemporary Architecture Design is to provide the most high end archictects and designers in the United States with the best Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength building material made in the USA.

Contemporary Architecture Design proposes that proprietary patented core material, like Sing Core, with patent pending composite materials can create the highest precision fully insulated pivot door and any other panel-type structure, such as floor, wall, ceiling, roof or furniture building material that is lightweight, high strength and guaranteed warp-free – including full structure – for 50 years.

Not to be limited to panel configurations only, this revolutionary building material is also available in post and beam formats, expanding the capabilities exponentially.

In terms of large doors, our non-warp large door team is able to provide industry professionals with warp free large doors of any size (up to 50 ft.) in any style, thickness or flat surface material and can fully guarantee each premium large door against warping for 50 years.

The keystone of our service is in the area of large doors which are created individually to the architectural specifications of the architect and designed to meet or exceed the performance expectations of the architects and designers behind the project. Other architectural doors (unless they use our patented large door core) are not warranted for warping or structure, though some may include a courtesy 1 year guarantee.

The best door companies, as well as high end door manufacturers and millworks, who serve the most meticulous architects, designers and end users build large lightweight high-strength panels and projects with this substrate inside, if there is any hope of satisfying the customer over time.

Some large pivot doors or large sliding doors reach the upper price ranges and are being sold for over $50,000.00. Some examples include extreme applications, like a 21 ft. tall exterior door and a 10 ft. x 12 ft. pivot door with built in man door.

Our high end warp free substrate could be applied to any application such as floors, walls, ceilings, roofs, furniture parts/frames, any style of door, post and beam – regardless of size – achieving these high performance standards as well as being covered by a full 50 year guarantee.

How do architects, enginners and designers create extraordinary sustainability?

By starting with patented Sing Core as the heart and soul (substrate material) of each prpoject. It is the only Eco-friendly lightweight, high-strength substrate that can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years.

If high precision is a concern for your project, Contemporary Architecture Design substrates have the highest precision (especially for large oversized doors). This patented core has the highest tolerance (+/- .007 in.) compared to other technologies including metal fabrication and welding (which also compromises the panel’s precision).

How to tell if you’re getting the best building material?

#1 – Ask about your warranty

Is the material you’re purchasing guaranteed to maintain full structural integrity and remain warp free for 50 years?

#2 – Search Google

Conduct an Internet search query for: “Warp free doorText Search or Image Search

All large doors (or anything in a panel configuration with a large, unsupported span) will warp due to the laws of physics, but if you want the best door (floor, wall, ceiling, roof or other panel component) shouldn’t you get one that will stay straight and true that is guaranteed for 50 years to be warp free? Even high-end custom door manufacturers will not guarantee their wood doors not to warp if they are over 5 ft. wide unless they are using this patented technology.

#3 – Seek third party professional advice

Consult your trusted architect, designer, custom door manufacturer or high end millwork and request they provide you with the best non warp pivot door guaranteed for 50 years.

Note: Contemporary Architecture Design does not supply finished doors nor provide door hardware or installation of doors. Contemporary Architecture Design only provides specific architectural resource materials and and invitation to specify Sing Core via wholesale, direct to architects, door manufacturers and millworks that provide the finishing details and installation.

Contemporary Architecture Design

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