Rumney Guggenheim Gallery Walls

Project: Rumney Guggenheim Insulated Museum Walls
Type: 7 ft. X 4 ft. Non-warping lightweight 3-inch thick Interlocking Room Partitions

Williamsburg Savings Bank Brooklyn New York home of Rumny Guggenheim GallerySize: 7 ft. X 4 ft. x 3 in. museum sliding room dividers
Exterior: .25 Maple Ply
Quantity: 31 Panels
Insulation: R10
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Designer: Rita Eng AIA
Architect: David Scott Parker
Installation: Construction

This upscale New York project was the dream of Santiago Rumney Guggenheim who envisioned repurposing the former Williamsburg Bank building into an ultra modern art gallery in the heart of Brooklyn, New York. The structure is an elegant historical building; the interior, on the other hand, was a wide open space capable of bringing the artists’ visions to fruition. The form of moveable interlocking insulated museum wall panels were designed in such a way that they could be configured and reconfigured in any way to create individual spaces and create flow throughout the changing exhibits; a perfect idea for a project of this magnitude.

Rumney Guggenheim Gallery Grand Opening Brooklyn NY Sing Museum Wall Panels


Individual museum wall panels were designed with a width of 48 inches, with additional matching sliding room dividers at 36 inches to facilitate a wide variety of additional options when defining gallery space and traffic flow throughout the exhibit(s) increasing flexibility in artistic design and presentation depending on the theme and participating artists. Cam locks are pre-installed for secure and near-seamless connection method between museum panels.

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