Architectural Room Partitions

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Room Partitions

Designers, architects, millworks, contractors and installers face challenges in dealing with room partitions and office partitions, especially if the space being managed has high ceilings. The last thing you want is for your space to take on the appearance of a series of sweat shop cubicles.

Portable Room Dividers

Architectural wood sliding room partitions insulated non warping wood wall panelsUpscale designs feature portable room dividers that are more contemporary in their appearance while remaining lightweight, high strength and modular so that they can be set up, taken down, transported and stored with ease. There are many requirements for a successful solution. Lightweight is a problem that can be solved easily by using any of the commercially available honeycomb materials, but strength then becomes the issue.

We suggest seeking out patented Sing Panels for the solution; they are as lightweight as anything commercially available across the industry, yet stronger than steel (660 PSI vs. 10 to 110 PSI for other honeycomb substrates) pound for pound. Also, the patented panels will not warp-bend, twist and can be certified true flat and to stay flat for 50 years guaranteed not to fail.

Elegant design and longevity of your project using sing’s Eco-friendly composite technology opens the door for new developments in room partitions and/or office partitions.

Another key ingredient is the ability to maintain the visual integrity in such a ways as to not question the impact of your project. Visually, any wall style and/or surface material could be used in your portable room dividers saving time, money and valuable natural resources.

Wood Room Dividers

One of the amazing attributes surround the Sing solution is the ability to clad your modern room dividers in nearly any surface material – even wood.

Wooden room dividers introduce new challenges associated with warping. If your wood wall panels are over 7 ft. tall and 3 and a half ft. wide, you (and your client) knows that warping wood walls are going to present problems because wood will move according to temperature and moisture variants across the space. The non warping specialists at Sing Core are available to assist in the creation of a customized non warping wood room divider solution that will result in a wood wall that can be guaranteed not to warp regardless of size.

Room Partition Hardware

Due to the reduction of weight in these patented torsion box composite portable wall panels, engineers, installers and users have a wider range of hardware solutions for connecting the non warping office partitions which are increasingly having an impact on the professional market.

Connection, hanging, sliding, folding and operable solutions are far less complicated, expensive and require less maintenance over time.

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