Top Architecture Firms and Futuristic Architecture

When it comes to the latest cutting edge designs the top architecture firms specialize in having visionary staff onboard with a reference library filled with the latest in composite technologies. One of the newest additions to the contemporary architectural library is a patented Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength torsion box panel hailing from the rain forest of the Pacific Northwest.

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This made in the USA new building material is gaining popularity amongst the best architectural firms in its most popular format; reinforced structural insulated panel (RSIP). The RSIP can traverse long spans with very little support due to its integral natural wood vertical grain torsion box core filled wall to wall with foam to create a solid (yet lightweight) sandwich panel that is stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound. It is commonly referred to by any number of monikers including, sandwich panel, reinforced SIP, honeycomb panel, torsion box panel, composite plywood or engineered plywood but the branded name is, “Sing Panel.”

Futuristic architecture seeks to incorporate many different inspirational aspects drawing from age-old traditions as well as leading edge technologies. This new building material of the future is also a combination of new and old technologies. The core grid is manufactured of natural wood to form the interior torsion box structure then the empty spaces within the boxes are filled with rigid insulation in the form of recycled foam. The composite core material is then adhered between two stress skins (that could be specified as any available flat building material) using formaldehyde-free glue.

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The most advanced architecture company is aware of this groundbreaking new technology and is specifying it in their designs. The company (Sing Core) has an impressive clients list that has features top architects, US military, universities, high-end millworks, aerospace and outer space agencies; even I.M. Pei uses the space-age composite material in sustainable projects.

You will find this radical new material specified in industrial architecture and the chief architect could be a commercial architect depending on the building architecture. One of the characteristics that has architects abuzz is the high precision of this new core material, touting the highest tolerances (within +/- .006 inch).

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This new lightweight high strength building material is showing up in high end residential projects as it is being specified by house architects as well because it can host any exterior material and adapt to any visual appearance to adapt to any variety of décor styles.

The most impressive results are apparent when incorporating this space age composite material in large oversize architectural doors where its attributes shine. The future is here. Until now, it was impossible to make a large architectural door – over ten ft. tall and or four ft. wide – that would not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail and could be guaranteed for 50 years.

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This lightweight high strength true green building material is nothing short of revolutionary and is increasingly being sought out by the best contemporary architects to be featured in the most contemporary architecture designs.