New Products for Structural Architecture

We are unveiling the revolutionary Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength structural building material that is changing the underlying architecture in engineering building and architecture design services.

The most high-level practicing professionals in the fields of interior design, architecture are expanding the scope of the ideas that come to life as this newly invented patented material delivers superior results empowering the most discriminating architectural design service to fulfill the ideas that are translated from the minds of their clients to the real world.

new structural building products for structural fontemporary architecture design

When clients speak with one of our building design architects who understands the science of Sing Core which eliminates many of the challenges that face other architects who do not have this understanding, one thing is perfectly clear; your ideas may not be limited to the limitations of traditional structural materials any more.

Now, you can have the strength of steel without the weight in an Eco-friendly solution that covers long spans with little or no deflection or failure. This is breathing new life into architectural designs by allowing engaging architectural designers design in the creation of such projects as buildings, urban landscapes, and parks that may not have been possible with traditional building materials.

Sing Core has been providing construction building materials to the national and global marketplace to think about architectural design, reach breakthrough ideas and demonstrate the usefulness and value of aluminum as a building construction material when combined with patented Sing Core.

A guide about architecture, design, engineering, construction and real estate reports a basic change in the problem-solving strategies now available o the architecture and design of the structural architecture design professionals who work for the most high-end architects in major cities throughout the USA.

Only these patented structural building panels are based on the Sign design that is based on a vertical grain torsion box core where the vacant areas within each cell (or box) is filled wall to wall with foam providing a lightweight, high-strength and solid insulated substrate for your architectural wall panel and metal roofing building materials for discerning contractors in the United States.

Proudly manufactured in the Pacific Northwest in the state of Washington, Sing Core has been producing structural panels designed to meet your construction needs, offering a large variety of builders material available as flat material, like engineered plywood (for replacing traditional plywood and/or honeycomb panels) and even structural posts and beams that can be manufactured to your specifications.

Your construction products used in commercial applications or in home building can feature any exterior or composite material, like any wood species, aluminum, brick, concrete, fiberglass, glass, HPL, Kevlar, metal, MDF, plastic, stainless steel, etc… easily replicating the authentic look and feel of structural and architectural steel with the glass and stone elements.

Sing Core manufactures and supplies all types of flush architectural doors for use in many facilities including hospitals, banks, government buildings, corporate headquarters, professional institutions, restaurants, medical centers, schools, and high-end residences.

This new revolutionary material is changing the landscape of architecture design studios as they begin to reconsider the manner by which they select the right concrete, masonry, building materials and tools to get the grandest architectural jobs done.

Sing Core has partnered with Contemporary Architecture design as the leading producer of Eco-friendly commercial construction systems, architectural aluminum products & systems, hurricane resistant, and energy efficient building materials that are lightweight and high strength.