Contemporary Architecture Engineering Design

When it comes to combining the efforts of all the industries that it takes to see a successful contemporary project through to completion, it takes fusing the visions of architecture, engineering – including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and computer engineering – with the construction, interior designer and landscape architecture along with the builders supply chain to get the job done.

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The interior design and home décor is just as important and the structural design and overall integrity of the entire team working in tandem to see the contemporary architecture design come to fruition; requiring a modern approach to the entire process that can be better facilitated with technological breakthroughs that lend themselves to achieving results that heretofore may have not been possible.

Trends and advancements in building technologies are still part of an underground green movement supporting sustainable approaches to contemporary designs, architecture and construction methods, including using recycled, repurposed builders surplus materials.

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The trend is moving industry-wide affecting industrial, commercial and residential architecture.

One little-known patented true green material increasingly is making its way into the architectural specification of the most impressive high-end architectural and engineered projects that brings a variety of unique characteristics to the table enabling designers to create in an unbridled manner.

This revolutionary new product is called, “Sing Core.” Using Sing Core as the base foundation of building block for nearly all building materials can have an impressive and sustainable impact on any project with benefits that go far beyond its being Eco-friendly or green earth responsible.

For instance this new architectural building material has been engineered with a variety of composite components that offers the designers and builders such distinctive qualities in a single product that delivers an unparalleled lineup of advantages, including:

High Precision

This patented material has the highest tolerance characteristics delivering tolerances of +/- .006 inch. If you’re the type of designer, architect or engineer who relishes in the joy or working with the highest precision architectural materials – regardless of the finish material – then we can introduce you to the material and methods necessary to take your meticulous obsessions to the next level of expectation.


Thanks to the aerospace industry honeycomb panels have paved the way for lightweight building materials; this along with the composites industry and age-old wood craftsmanship has given birth to this latest invention that is little less than a revolution in the way structures can be built.

These lightweight characteristics affect the projects in many ways, including (but not limited to) less shipping cost, less equipment and labor costs, fewer on-the-job injuries. And in terms of size, this new building material enables the team to create projects with components of massive size that are not restricted by weight considerations.

High Strength

Amazingly, the Sing Core architectural material is extremely strong, stronger than steel pound for pound in fact, as tested by the University of Washington.

How can these products achieve such high strengths? Starting with the modification of age-old torsion box design, filling the voids wall-to-wall with recycled rigid foam and pressing the composites together between two stress skins with formaldehyde-free structural adhesive for a Reinforced Structural Insulated Panel that is stronger than any other SIP.


Imbued with insulation qualities that rate-out at R3.5 and R6.5 per square inch translates to energy savings and as an added bonus this material also possesses sound deadening qualities that have it seeing increased use as architectural acoustic treatments and even in sound studio designs as sound proof walls, floors, ceilings and sound proof doors.

Just to name a few of the qualities that you will enjoy by including this patented technology in your next architectural design. Contact us for more information.