The Latest Secret Weapon of the Architectural Field

As architects refine their craft more and more, they are seeking new solutions to old problems. Space usage has always been one of the main focuses of architects and builders in every facet of construction. One of the best solutions is to install sliding doors. This allows you to fit a door into a place where a conventional hinged door would never work, because the door doesn’t swing into the open area of a room. That is why Contemporary Architecture Design recommends sliding doors in all situations. Because sliding doors are now recognized as a viable solution in so many situations where conventional doors could never be installed, they have become the new secret weapon of architects all over the world.

“Fortunately, homeowners hoping for a little more privacy or a way to hide a closet’s contents have a better workaround that still involves a curtain rod: mounting a slim sliding door.”

-Bob Vila

Sliding doors are seen in some of the workplaces of some of the most prestigious companies in the world, including Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google, Nordstrom, Netflix, Amazon, Nike. They are also seen in government buildings of some of the most powerful countries in the world, like the United States of America, England, United Arab Emirates, Japan, China, Russia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil, South Africa, and Australia. Sliding doors are also used by Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Drake, Caitlyn Jenner, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift. Even the Queen of England uses sliding doors.

Many professionals find that sliding doors exceed the performance of hinge doors in almost every situation, including both commercial and high end residential applications. The highest end, most expensive homes contain sliding doors. Yet, they’re affordable for many different types of homeowners and businesses. Large sliding doors are even seen in castles, mansions, and palaces all over the world.

Another amazing thing about sliding doors is that you can have them made in so many different configurations, including metal sliding doors, glass sliding doors, large sliding doors, small sliding doors, oversized sliding doors, pocket doors, big sliding doors, gallery display walls, temporary barriers, moveable walls, sound blocking barriers, sliding dividers, division doors, sliding closet doors, sliding bathroom doors, high quality sliding doors. Also, the hardware is simple and less costly compared to what is necessary for conventional doors.

The doors you choose are one of the most important features of any structure, because not only are they the first thing people see when they enter your building, but also because they are something people use on a daily basis when moving between rooms. That is why we, at Contemporary Architecture Design, recommend you use sliding doors in nearly every situation. And that is why so many professionals use sliding doors as their new secret weapon. There is no reason that is going to change anytime soon.

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