Contemporary Architecture Design of Doors

Today’s contemporary structures are breathtaking in their appearance from a distance. Contemporary architecture designs incorporate a wide variety of building materials spanning the spectrum of what is available to the building industry at large. Once of the most impressive design features is the creative contemporary architecture design of doors.

The greatest impact in the architectural door design seems to be in the arena of large oversized doors made of a variety of and combination of building materials such as aluminum, brick, concrete, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), glass, HPL, LVL, and many of the types of steel, including cold rolled steel, diamond plate steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, and stainless steel.

While the visual impact of these massive contemporary architectural door designs are so impressive, many challenges face those in the field who are attempting to bring the dreams of the architectural visionaries to life.

Unique approaches to exterior architectural door designs incorporate a wide range of ideas when it comes to adding lite cut outs for glass placement in these large architectural doors which would otherwise just be enormous slabs of composite materials which are very heavy indeed. This heavy weight also presents problems with those responsible for the hardware and installation of these huge architectural masterpieces.

This mixing and matching of materials can cause problems for those who are not specialized in composite building which is a science in itself, but the enormity of the size of these architectural doors also presents a problem for failing in terms of maintaining structural integrity over time and are likely to be prone to warp.

Innovative Eco-friendly approaches to energy efficiency and sustainability of the project are also ever-present concerns for the contemporary architects and designers who are attempting to try something that hasn’t been done before, while seamlessly integrating the project as a whole into the surrounding environment.

Thankfully, all this innovation has led the building materials industry to evolve to address the problems faced by contemporists who strongly desire to see their leading-edge designs come to life.

One such innovation in the building products associated with the creation of non-failing large doors enables Eco-friendly architectural doors to be built without failure, but it just doesn’t happen by magic, there is an exacting science behind the manufacture of large architectural doors which can be guaranteed not to fail, while remaining lightweight, rigid, and are insulated for both climate control and sound deadening.

This innovative patented solution is a combination of torsion box technology and modern composite manufacturing processes to create a lightweight, solid structure door core which can be modified by patent-pending stiffening technologies to counter the tendency of any material to warp, including natural wood, which is problematic in the making of any door which is over seven feet tall and three-and-a-half feet wide.

This technology is readily available to high-end millworks and custom door manufacturers who are attempting to build these oversized door behemoths for the designers and contemporary architects with the courage to specify such a large pivot door, large sliding door, or large hinged door of any type or size, made of any building material, and is not limited to its use in large doors. This material can also be found in anything from the foundation to the roof and even in the furnishings inside the structure.

By approaching the manufacture of these enormous doors from an altogether new perspective, these huge hybrid solid doors can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail (including a full structure warranty) for 50 years.

Using these patented and patented-pending door building technologies are the only way to achieve the high precision (+/- .006 in core tolerances), lightweight and high-strength results, that can be guaranteed warp-free for 50 years.

Maybe it’s time for you to approach your out-of-the-box contemporary design with the latest in th

e evolution of large door building methods back by the only 50-year guarantee.