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SingCore Five Drawer Dresser

SingCore Announces Factory Expansion With Five Drawer Dresser Production

SingCore Five Drawer Dresser Features

  1. Storage Space – Every drawer is extra large with a ton of storage space
  2. Toughest & Strongest – Built with SingCore, this dresser was made to last a lifetime. Never worry about your dresser’s durability again
  3. Ships Flat – Ship from factory to you. No middle man
  4. Easy Assembly – Completely assembles without hassle
  5. Lightweight – Only with SingCore can you get such a strong and tough dresser that is this lightweight

SingCore’s Five Drawer Dresser is made in Washington State from 100% locally sourced material. All of SingCore’s production materials come from local businesses in Washington State. This Five Drawer Dresser has a ton of storage space. It is also the strongest, toughest, lightest, longest lasting, and most environmentally friendly furniture manufactured today. Because SingCore understands the demands for high standards in today’s marketplace, they strive with every piece of furniture they make to be the highest quality possible.

SingCore Five Drawer Dresser
SingCore Five Drawer Dresser

Environmentally Friendly and Made in the USA: SingCore furniture panels are environmentally friendly. The only materials used to construct their panels are wood veneer combined with recycled EPS foam and non-toxic glues. All of their products are manufactured in Washington State.

This new, revolutionary furniture is built to last forever. SingCore furniture is the new method to build high quality furniture that can be easily knocked-down and flat-packed for easy storage, transport and/or moving. The best apartments and condos provide modular SingCore furniture for pre-furnished units for rent and/or lease. While other flat-pack furniture is available, it quickly deteriorates with use and needs to be replaced. SingCore furniture is built to last forever, easily breaks down and ships flat for easy storage and/or transport in between uses.

Bigger and Larger Drawers

The drawers on this dresser are larger capacity (5 ft wide x 22” deep x 9 ½” tall) for easy storage of larger items, such as more clothing, jackets, and bedding.

SingCore Five Drawer Dresser
SingCore Five Drawer Dresser

Stronger, Tougher, and more Durable

Built to last for centuries, this dresser is strong enough to stand the test of time and can be easily reused, unlike common inexpensive furniture which is found filling garbage facilities around the world.

More Lightweight Than Comparable Products

This dresser is so lightweight, it can easily be moved from location to location, even by one person. Increased safety when rearranging furniture or room layout, with reduced risk of injury, as well as saving shipping costs.

Ships Flat

The dresser ships flat direct from the factory to you for lower shipping costs. Also it takes up less space while in storage in its knocked-down (flat-packed) condition. It can also easily be repeatedly assembled, disassembled and moved from location to location, easily fitting in the back seat of your car.

Easy Assembly

This dresser is so simple and easy to assemble, most anyone can do it. No need to hunt around and find someone local to assemble it for you. No waiting. Unlike other inexpensive flat pack furniture with many confusing pieces which take hours to assemble. This five drawer dresser easily assembles in minutes.

SingCore Five Drawer Dresser
SingCore Five Drawer Dresser

SingCore’s large production capacity can scale on demand and is capable of producing furniture at a lower cost and higher quality not possible by other manufacturers

When you order from SingCore, your satisfaction is their number one priority. They fulfill their promise to deliver on time and on budget.

As a proud supporter of local business, SingCore uses 100% locally sourced materials, and can provide free shipping to customers in Washington State as a way to further support our local community.

SingCore relentlessly continues to develop innovative solutions to challenging architectural problems. Recently, SingCore announced an expanded manufacturing capacity that will lower the cost of doors that they produce. SingCore doors are known for their patented green door core technology using insulated honeycomb panels and boards. SingCore has continually integrated their green door core honeycomb insulated panel and board technology into many different applications including insulated exterior barn doors, stainless steel insulated exterior doors, stainless steel wall panels, slat boards, slat wall panels, pivot doors, large sliding doors, sound proof doors, sliding room dividers, and insulated room dividers.