Contemporary Garage Doors

Garage doors represent an excellent opportunity for any designer or architect to add emphasis to any structure. The days of defaulting to an overhead door design is fading as more contemporary architecture is leaning toward embracing a style of garage doors which harkens to the past, the

Carriage House Garage Doors

Inspired by carriage-garage-styled doors of yesteryear, the most modern garage doors look like carriage house garage doors, but they have overcome all the challenges which faced home and garage builders of the days gone by.

The reason that carriage house doors became a thing of the past was due to their inability to have maintenance-free operation over a long period of time. With the advent of the overhead door system, this was an excellent way to deliver a lighter weight solution which was less likely to fail.

Carriage house-style garage doors are generally made of wood and side-hinged, which makes them heavy and prone to warp. Thanks to a new patented method of creating a composite wood-based insulated swing out carriage garage doors which can create a lightweight base that can prevent wood from warping, the challenges of carriage door failure can be put to rest once and for all.

Various Types of Garage Doors

Not only restricted to carriage house garage doors, this revolutionary garage door core material can be utilized in the manufacturer many types of garage doors, especially large garage doors which present problems associated with weight and potential warping by being exposed to the elements.

Contemporary garage doors of all shapes and sizes (even elephant doors and hangar doors) can be made using this insulated, lightweight, high strength garage door base material not only securing large door openings but providing added safety and security with climate controlling and sound deadening qualities.

Aluminum Garage Doors

While standard aluminum garage doors are a cost-effective manner of dealing with a large garage door opening, for the moist part, aluminum garage doors offer little or no insulation, are flimsy, and are easily damaged.

Building an aluminum garage door using this warp-free insulated core material, you not only enjoy a light weight high performance garage door made of aluminum, but have a solid, thick insulated base material which has been independently tested and rated at 660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound-for-pound.

Making this new generation of aluminum garage doors among the most sought out commercial aluminum doors in large industrial applications.

This new approach to manufacturing architectural garage doors enables architects and designers to create anything from the most modern style garage doors to traditional wooden garage doors without having to sacrifice performance or charm.

So, whether you are seeking the best in weatherproof modern garage doors to protect you from the elements, desire sound proof storage, work areas, or extra living quarters, without sacrificing the contemporary look and feel of all types of garage doors, maybe it’s time you look for emerging technologies available in all styles from carriage house garage doors to contemporary garage doors.

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