Contemporary Architectural Door Design

Modern front doors seem to be making the biggest impact in the design of contemporary homes in the world today and architectural door designers are leading the pack in contemporary front doors, creating some of the most stunning doors in contemporary architecture design.

Door Architects

Door architects are on the leading edge of this technological and artistic wave introducing the most breathtaking main door design, and the bigger the better. Most significantly on the increase in main door design are pivoting architectural doors. Large pivot doors are on the rise and they are a formidable force in the most contemporary architectural designs.

Where door architects are leaving their biggest mark is on the big pivot doors they imagine and bring to life in their contemporary architecture designs. Why big pivot front doors you might ask? The answer is simple; the front door is the first point of access of any structure. It is normally viewable from the street, adding an almost magical curb appeal to any structure.

The front door is the first thing you see when approaching a structure and little else makes as big a first impression as enormous pivoting modern front doors.
Working with standard building materials to create these impressionable large pivot doors can create a variety of problems associated with weight and strength, especially in wooden door design.

Wooden Door Design

Nothing leaves a more lasting impression than a large wooden door. A huge piece of the fruit from Mother Earth can leave you with a sense of awe, yet left to itself, natural wood is probably the most difficult building material to work with due to its weight and its tendency to move according to exposure to the environment.

The only known Eco-friendly solution for warping doors, is to incorporate warp-free Sing Core into your wooden door design specs. Sing Core offers a professional door core that is lightweight (a fraction of other solid architectural door core materials) and very strong (660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound). This enables contemporary door architects and designers to stretch the bounds of their imaginations, daring to create doors that are large in size, featuring materials that would be otherwise nearly impossible to build such a mammoth pivot door.

To be able to do so, especially with a beautiful natural wood stave finish, without threat to the structure or undue strain on the pivot door hardware under regular use over time offers a sigh of relief to everyone in the chain from the conceptual design, all the way through to the installation and maintenance of the door over time.

50 Year-Warp-free Guarantee

And if that wasn’t enough, Sing Core guarantees their professional architectural doors to remain warp-free for 50 years, including a full structure warranty. No other door company can have such an amazing guarantee, unless the door in question has, “Sing Core inside.”

According to the Sing Core web site, every professional grade large pivot door can be guaranteed, “not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail, for a full 50 years.”

Other Contemporary Architectural Doors

Every door that Sing Core helps build to bring door architects visions to life in a one-of-a-kind piece of art, and the price tag is often commensurate with the work at hand. And they can build large door slabs of any door style and of any standard building material, such as aluminum, concrete, copper, fiberglass/FRP, glass, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, steel, as well as any available species of wood, while remaining lightweight, stronger than steel and covered by their 50-year no-fail guarantee.

Affordable Standard-sized Doors

Sing Core is now creating a new division of standard-sized standard doors which have the same characteristics of their one-off predecessors. While there are fewer menu items, the new production line at the factory is building these doors in greater quantities, allowing them to discount the doors significantly.

At present they only build 7-0 x 3-0 standard sized doors in 1 3/8 inch thickness for interior doors and 1 ¾ inch thick doors for exterior doors. Insulation factors are R 3.5 per inch for interior doors and R 6.5 per inch on exterior doors, and the price?

The price starts at a shocking $95.00 wholesale price for paint grade doors.

Now you can afford to integrate doors with Sing Core inside throughout your entire project.