21 foot Tall Aluminum Pivot Door

Project: Insulated 21 ft. Tall Pivot Door
Type: Non-warping lightweight 2-inch thick 21 ft. tall aluminum door

21 foot tall 2 inch thick aluminum pivot door over 4 ft wideSize: 252 in. x 49 in. x 2 inch insulated aluminum pivot door
Exterior: .062 aluminum
Location: Seattle, Washington
Designer: Tom Kundig
Architect: Olson Kundig Architects
Installation: Foushee Construction

This project included Tom Kundig’s specifications for lightweight aluminum pivot door of unusual dimensions. The architectural pivot door was designed for an industrial-type opening over 4 ft. wide and 21 ft. tall while maintaining a thickness of only 2 inches to match the pre-existing structure design. The 21 foot tall pivot door required insulation with sound deadening attributes to mitigate noise overflow from SeaTac air traffic and interior structure to overcome limitations of minimal 2-inch thickness while maintaining structural integrity of pivoting door. Foushee Construction was tasked with to finishing and hanging the 21 foot pivot door for this installation.

21 foot industrial aluminum pivot door insulated 2 inch thick

The final 21 foot door panel featured .062 aluminum cladding around patented Sing Core torsion box filled with recycled foam substrate to accomplish the results desired while meeting the overall design specifications. The torsion box structure provides an interior frame that is highly effective for spanning long distances with little or no compromise. Adding the recycled rigid foam to the torsion box voids (that would normally be left open in traditional torsion box design) strengthens the interior structure exponentially while providing the sound deadening insulation throughout the door’s 21 foot span. The lightweight characteristics of this door helped to minimize the hardware and structure framing requirements that would have been necessary to host a large door of normal weight.

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