Trade Secrets of Architectural Metal Panels

Here at Contemporary Architectural design, we specialize in large doors of all types and persuasions, custom made to your exact specifications. But, our panels work very well in a wide variety of architectural applications. There is no job to big or too small for us. So if you can see it in your imagination, let us make it real for you.

Flat Metal Wall Panels

Our panels are built with a proprietary, patented, and patent pending design that exceeds capabilities of any other manufacture in the business.

Our strengths include:

  • Extreme light weight, about 1/3rd the weight of wood
  • Stronger than steel by weight
  • Easily workable with wood working tools

These panels can be covered in almost any sheet material available on the market including hot and cold rolled steel, aluminum, copper, or any other wood, plastic, ply material of your choice.

Interior Metal Wall Panels

All our panels come unfinished, and have the potential for use both indoors and outdoors with proper finishing.

Because foam is a key element of our design, our panels come with sound deadening property not often found in steel panels, which improves the room acoustics.

The extreme rigidity combined with extraordinary lightness of our panels means mounting them is cheap and easy. This opens a wide variety of unique uses in architectural designs, such as ceilings, room dividers, museum displays, artistic work, and many others.

Exterior Metal Wall Panels

Our panels, when properly finished, withstand the elements. With frequent use as exterior large doors and other facade applications, our panels have a proven track record and an unsurpassed 50-year structural guarantee.

In addition, our panels are very thermally resistant, and can handle substantial temperature fluctuations. This makes them perfect for extreme environments.

Although made internally from ecologically friendly wood and EPS foam, there is no worry about water infiltration destroying the panels when you properly seal them after delivery.

Insulated Metal Panels

Our panels may be steel on the outside, but have in interior patented torsion box core. This means the majority of the interior of the panel is foam. While retaining extreme strength, our panels have natural insulation properties from R3.5 / inch of core to more than R6 / inch of core, depending on the variety of foam specified for use in the construction. We provide two options, economical EPS and premium Urethane.

Besides thermal insulation, our tight foam based cores provide excellent sound deadening qualities. So much so that they find themselves used in sound-proof doors on occasion.

Decorative Metal Wall Panels

There is no limit to the finish that is possible with our architectural panels. You dictate your aspirations and we use our decades of experience to produce an attractive panel the surpasses your desires.

Metal Wall Panels Cost

Our metal wall panels are made to order, and therefor price can vary job to job based on the requirements. The fastest way to get a quote on our products is to go directly to our estimates page, and submit the details of your project. This speed the info directly to our crack estimating team who will do turn heaven and earth to bring the the best price possible for our premium hand crafted panels.

All estimates come with a FREE consultation, so don’t delay and contact us today.