The Most Insulated Airtight Lightweight Strongest Door

modern house design weatherproof large exterior pivot door insulated 50 yr warp free guarantee

Any door built with SingCore inside could be the most insulated, airtight, lightweight and strongest door in the world, thanks to patented SingCore.

Large pivot doors are shipping to nostalgic homes in San Francisco, Green Lake, Seattle, Puget Sound and similar residential areas around the USA to make better use of space.

If you’re large pivot door plans include looking to convert your garage into livable a space, garage apartment, work shop, guest room or even an office, then you need to replace your current large pivot door with a patented SingCore pivot door. The most airtight door in the world can be fully guaranteed for structure strength and to remain warp-free for 50 years. No other pivot door is so lightweight, nor do they have the highest strength.

SingCore doors are the best choice for your pivot doors. Patented SingCore is changing the technology used and how to build a door with insulation for pivot doors. SingCore door panels offer the best guarantee in the large door industry: 50 Years Warp-free and Structure Guarantee.

pivoting front door pivot exterior doors
Exterior pivoting front door.

If you are in the high end large door business, you know that no manufacturer wants to make a large door due to potential problems with warping. All the doors made of wood base core or skin are going to warp, it’s just a matter of time; sometimes within a month following the door installation compromising the pivot door weather seal.

SingCore uses a combination of patented and patent pending large door technology to keep your Sing precision pivot door straight and true, which keeps your living spaces air tight. Maintaining weather seal is so important for your pivot door with living space.

Metal doors deal directly with weather conditions, which is the primary reason for distortion in your pivot door. Whether it’s a pivot door or glass door, it’s almost impossible to keep it airtight due to their natural design and characteristics.

If you’re looking for a warm or cool garage conversion maximizing extra space for your comfortable living garage with apartment, SingCore pivot doors is the only choice, guaranteed by inventor Peter Sing.

modern house design large pivot door lightweight high strength 50 yr warp free guarantee
Modern house design with large pivot door. Pivot door is lightweight, high strength, and has a 50 year warp free guarantee.

Special or custom order your Sing pivot door by filling out the order form (you must be in the trade or hire a trade professional to order it for you).

a) Design Look. Begin with surface design and by adding molding to create any type of appearance. Add glass or light treatment, cut Sing sandwich or Sing panel then add glass

b) Skin Choice. Very lightweight and weather proof skin will be 1/8 inch marine plywood, aluminum, FRP, HPL, etc…

c) Choice of Thickness

d) Strength Thickness of Sing Panel: Doubling the thickness will increase 4 times the strength. Standard thickness of sing panel is 1.5 inch and 2 inches but custom size thickness is almost unlimited

e) Edge Treatment. Sing sandwich panels are easy to cut to any size as well as adding the trim to create a solid edge to adapt to any size of door opening. If ordering Sing panel, the standard edge is 1.25 inch solid wood but with extra money you may order any size of solid wood on 4 sides of Sing panel

f) Size Limit of Sing Panel. Almost no limit for height and width of any Sing sliding door. Tell us the size and we will prove it to you

g) Window Light Cut Out. You may install any shape and almost any size of window at any location of the Sing door panel. (see pic.)

h) Man Door. We could provide man door cut off and install a man door in the Sing door panel for your easy access of other areas.

I) Hard Point. Solid wood implant.